Responsible Gambling

DriversDeluxe Is Committed to Responsible Gambling

At DriversDeluxe we are committed to responsible gambling. At the bottom of every page on our website we display organisations that can help you if you think you have a problem with gambling. You must be 18 or older to use DriversDeluxe. We have compiled a list of organisations and advice from these organisations that may help you if you think you have a problem.

Do You Have A Problem With Gambling?

The NHS has a useful list of questions that may help in determining if you have a problem with gambling. Click the link below for details on how to assess if you might have a problem with gambling

  • Do you bet more than you can afford to lose?
  • Do you need to gamble with larger amounts of money to get the same feeling?
  • Have you tried to win back money you have lost (chasing losses)?
  • Have you borrowed money or sold anything to get money to gamble?
  • Have you wondered whether you have a problem with gambling?
  • Has your gambling caused you any health problems, including feelings of stress or anxiety?
  • Have other people criticised your betting or told you that you had a gambling problem (regardless of whether or not you thought it was true)?
  • Has your gambling caused any financial problems for you or your household?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about the way you gamble or what happens when you gamble?

NHS Gambling Addiction

Where To Get Help With Gambling Issues

If you think you have a problem with gambling, here are some useful organisations that you can contact for more help –

How To Control Your Gambling

Wherever you place your bets should also be committed to responsible gambling. Check with your bookmaker or sportsbook to see if they have features that will help manage your betting. For example

  • Set limits on your gambling activity such as the time you spend gambling, the amount you can deposit, or turn over.
  • Self-exclude yourself from gambling indefinitely or for a period of time
  • Block yourself from gambling by using gambling blocking software such as those listed here at GamCare. These include Gamblock, Betfilter, BetBlocker and Netnanny
  • Monitor the amount of time you are spending gambling
  • Monitor your profit and losses via your account reporting
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