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Sportybet South Africa Betting Guide 2023

Sportybet sports betting is one of the most renowned bookmaker structures in Africa, having initiated its activities back in 1998. It quickly gained traction among bettors and launched several other successful projects. Unfortunately, due to a governmental ban on online gambling, they had to cease operations and transfer their services elsewhere. Nonetheless, this marked the start of an even better future for Sportybet as they were able to expand beyond African borders!

With over 4 million customers, Sportybet bet is one of the most reputable online bookmakers in the world. To maintain its positive image and establish brand authority, it often engages in sponsorship activities with renowned football clubs such as Steaua, Wolverhampton and Slavia; it was also a sponsor for Euroleague Basketball. Sportybet guarantee reliability to all their clients – reputation matters just as much as providing worthwhile experiences.

Sportybet Bonus and Promotion Code

Sportybet referral and bonus codes provide players with an exclusive opportunity to gain extra rewards during the registration process. This practice is now commonplace in many affiliate programs.

Sign up with Sportybet and enjoy the perk of having your first deposit not just doubled, but paid in full! All you have to do is enter a special promotion code when asked during registration. Make sure it’s an active one so that you can take advantage of this offer from the office.

Betting offer and odd on SportyBet

At SportyBet, we pride ourselves on offering only the best in terms of quality when it comes to sports selection. We offer a total of 16 disciplines and are excited to include wagers for the 2022 Olympics specifically related to ice hockey. Additionally, our platform also offers bets on niche sports such as badminton and futsal if you’re looking for something exciting yet unique!

Not only does SportyBet prioritize eSports, but football, basketball and tennis are featured prominently as well. In addition to these top sports, you also have the option of betting on Counter Strike and Dota 2 or even virtual football leagues. It’s quite remarkable that SportyBet stands out in its depth of betting options; we rarely come across such a wide selection – especially when it comes to football!

Compared to the plentitude of betting markets available for European top leagues and Champions League, which can reach up to 250 in the days prior to a match, African league matches are left with scantier options. A mere 160 choices typically remain before kickoff.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your investment in major European football, then you’ve come to the right place. Our odds payout ratio for top championships is an impressive 98%, while it’s only slightly lower at 96.2% when it comes to Champions League events.

Not only does basketball and tennis offer a plethora of wagering options, but it is also the second cornerstone when considering betting. Unfortunately, ice hockey fans have far fewer selection choices available to them. Nevertheless, these devoted spectators still benefit from an odds key of 94.7% for NHL games while NBA betters receive 96.1%, with 95.2% coming back in return on ATP Tennis bets!

What’s more, SportyBet surpasses expectations with its cashout feature. This gives you the power to secure your winnings early or cut down losses on most wagers. And get this: it also offers partial and auto cashouts for added convenience!

Pros and cons of Sportybet

When deciding to use Sportybet for your betting requirements, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons associated with their services.

When you choose Sportybet, there are multiple benefits in store for you:

  • With Sportybet’s efficient betting options, you can find the perfect bet for yourself. Whether it is a pre-match or in-play bets, an array of markets are available per event to make your choice easier and more comprehensive.
  • Tune into the action with Sportybet’s live streaming of various sporting events! With our service, you can keep tabs on all the thrill and excitement in real time.
  • Keeping up with the action is simpler than ever – With an event timeline and live score panel, our streaming service makes it effortless to stay updated on all of the current happenings.

The disadvantages of using Sportybet are:

  • Sportybet’s competitive odds can be desirable, but the limited selection of betting options may limit your chances for success. If you want to unlock more potential in your bets, you may need to look elsewhere for a better range of offerings.
  • Undeniably Unavailable – Regrettably, not all countries can access the services of Sportybet. Therefore, if you are located in an unsupported region and would like to use this service, it is unfortunately impossible.
  • If you’re after bonus offers and promotions, Sportybet isn’t the best option for you. Unfortunately, this could decrease the overall value of using their platform.

SportyBet Conclusion

As soon as we discovered SportyBet, we were sold on its exceptional odds for prematch bets and the substantial selection of sports available. Although there are other betting sites with a wider variety of sports, you will surely find something that appeals to your interests. Furthermore, if live betting is up your alley, their top competitions offer attractive odds too! Plus, cashouts and partial cashouts can be made easily – how convenient!

At SportyBet you can get a generous welcome bonus when registering and making your first deposit. Plus, they offer free bets from time to time as well! Existing customers are not forgotten; there are also promotions in place for them. With so many great bonuses available, it’s no wonder why more people choose SportyBet over other bookmakers!

Compared to the mobile versions, we strongly believe the desktop version offers a more pleasant user experience. Payment is only accepted through mobile money, yet customer service can be accessed via e-mail and telephone in addition to a chatbot option.

Sportybet FAQ

How To Deposit In Sportybet?

Ready to fund your Sportybet account? Simply log in at, and head on over to the Account page where you’ll find the “Deposit” button waiting for you! Select from one of multiple payment methods available that best fits your needs and click “Top Up Now”–you will then receive further instructions sent straight to your registered phone number. Start topping up today! After you’ve confirmed the payment, click “Completed” on your app or website. Your Sportybet wallet will be credited after a series of validation steps have been completed. In locations with paybill options available to bettors, simply dial the ussd code from your mobile phone and enter in the deposit amount field associated with your account number. Follow all directions provided by our system for an easy transaction process!

How To Bet On Sportybet?

Placing a bet on your favorite sport has never been easier! Just log into the app and make your selection – football, e-football, basketball, tennis, table tennis or one of many other options. From there you can choose the match that fits best with what you want to wager on – say Senegal vs Netherlands for example. Once you select which betting option to go with and how much money wants to put down click “place bet” then save it all up as is – it really is as easy as 1-2-3!

How To Win Bet Everyday On SportyBet?

While there is no foolproof way to win every day on Sportybet, you can maximize your odds of success by studying online prediction sites like Betting Tips Africa. Select teams that have potential for victory regardless of their underdog status. Refrain from being overly ambitious and don’t just bet the highest odds in order to strike it big; this approach rarely works out well.

How To Win Aviator On Sportybet?

For an aviator on SportyBet, you need to bet on a low-risk wager. On your first stake, multiply the number by 40 and then increase it again by 100 for your second stake. Make sure that you place this bet before the game starts to get maximum benefit from low odd predictions!

How To Win Instant Virtual On SportyBet?

Unlock your inner gambler and safely maximize returns by wagering on a less successful team – take the Premier League virtual game between Brighton vs Nottingham Forest as an example, opt for an Over 2.5 bet. In order to minimize risk, it’s best to stay away from higher-ranked squads since they rarely meet expectations when it comes to betting.

How To Withdraw Money From SportyBet?

Withdrawing money from the app is a piece of cake! All you need to do is choose “My Account (Me)”, select withdraw from the menu, input the withdrawal amount and press the withdraw button. Your funds will be transferred into your account in no time! Furthermore, your available options including bank transfer, partner transfer or transferring funds directly to friends are at hand for you to pick anytime.

How To Download SportyBet App?

To download the SportyBet app, Android users should open Google Play and search for the app, while iOS users can find it in Apple App Store. Once you have located it, simply click “Install” to get started!

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