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Premierbet South Africa Betting Guide 2023

Presently, Premier Bet ranks among Africa’s most rapidly expanding sports-betting companies. The massive sportsbook exists since 2013 and quickly margin range across its focused markets with its mouthwatering offers and simplicity. Premier Bet is an international bookie with headquarters in the UK, Sweden, and Romania. It serves primarily the African betting market. In fact, it enjoys great popularity in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Rwanda, and others that appear to be receptive to online sports gambling.

This article contains a range of information about the Premier Bet Sportsbook. This will help current and prospective bettors to get the right information when they decide to do business with this company in Ghana, South Africa, or Nigeria.

Premier Bet South Africa Bonuses and promotions

Premier Bet has a wide range of bonuses and promotions on hand for new customers. Plus, you’ll find offers for existing ones. Some of them depend on from the region or the country.

Premier Bet South Africa jackpot and free bets

As we already explained, Premier Bet South Africa passed to the alternative Betraha. But you can’t access their website due to maintenance. So, we’ll see what happens with the jackpots. Anyway, previously, to win the weekend Premier Bet South Africa jackpot, a bettor had to predict the results of 12 matches (called “legs”) correctly.

Here, he had to indicate whether the home team (H) or the away team (A) would have won, or the result would have been a draw (X). If he predicted correctly, a relatively small reward of 8,700 Ksh awaited him. Additionally, Premier Bet South Africa ran a promotion called “Mobile Madness”. Here, customers who placed at least six wagers within a week received a free bet on the Premier Bet South Africa mobile app. But users benefited from many other promotions, too.

Other promotions

Promotions like daily odds boost help bettors to win more on Premier Bet. You can see which games are eligible for the promotion by logging into your account and then clicking the “Odds Boost” button on the Sportsbook homepage.

Betting offer / appearance

Pre-match betting offer

Pre-match bets are wagers made before the commencement of play or an event. Premier Bet offers a broad market of pre-match bets on sports like football, basketball, tennis, American football, volleyball, handball, cricket, rugby, baseball, darts, ice hockey, futsal, aussie rules, snooker, boxing, MMA etc.

Furthermore, we found a wide range of markets that is similar to the ones of its most prominent competitors. Here, we mean odd/even, double chance, both teams to score, total goals, handicap, next goal, correct score, HT/FT, own goal, first goal, draw no bet, handicap, over/under and many more for sports like football. The covered sports and betting markets apply to Premier Bet Nigeria, Premier Bet South Africa and Premier Bet Ghana.

Compared to its fiercest rivals, Premier Bet provides slightly higher pre-match betting odds on its (3-way) 1 X 2 (home/away) option with a house margin of (4.60% – 5.3%). Whereas its rivals give around (3.83% – 6%) margin on the widely acclaimed UEFA Europa League competition. However, the other wagering markets in the same competition differ greatly. It takes thorough research to find out where Premier Bet performs strongly and where weakly.

On the over/under option, Premier Bet’s odds have a fairly high margin range of 8.04% – 9.9% for (over 0.5). Meanwhile, the elite competition shows a lower one of 6.31% – 7%. In the over/under market, Premier Bet doesn’t do any better at (over 1.5) and above. The sportsbook offers a margin range of 7.69% – 9.1%. Competitors provide a lower one of 6.02% – 7.8%. This margin difference applies to other betting options in the over/under market as well.

Further markets for pre-match wagers at Premier Bet

In the double chance sector, Premier Bet doesn’t do well, as the odds have a comically high margin range of 10% – 12%. Conversely, other betting sites have a flat margin range of 3.3% – 5%. This difference is astounding, and Premier Bet needs to improve quickly. The handicap betting market represents another loser for Premier Bet with an odds’ margin range of 11.57% – 12.6%, while the margin margin range of the others lies at 10.12% – 11.4%.

The both teams to score option constitutes another market that Premier Bet needs to improve on. Because: Premier Bet gives odds with a range of 8.08% – 9.98%, while the competitors provide a low one of 5.77% – 7.19%. For the draw no bet option, Premier Bet has odds with a margin of 9.13% – 11.1%, while their competitors offer a low one of 5.96% – 7.83%. For odds/even betting, Premier Bet loses again with a margin spread of 9.89% – 11%, while the other providers show one of 6.10% – 8.6%. The above margin range applies to the UEFA Europa League competition in Premier Bet sportsbook across the African countries Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.

The pre-match odds margins for the Premier League

This Premier Bet research covers the glamorous English Premier League. Noticeably, Premier Bet improved its margins somewhat, so not all its odds are bad. On the 1 X 2 (home/away) option, Premier Bet offers a margin of 3.19% – 5.64%. Its most prominent rivals offer odds with a margin of 4.07% – 6.73%.

For double chance betting, Premier Bet maintained a similar margin to the Europa League. When wagering on both teams, Premier Bet trumps its competitors with a surprisingly low margin of 2.81% – 4.2%. Their rivals have a range of 6.01% – 9%. Bettors do well to take advantage of this low margin.

In the over/under section, Premier Bet maintains its low offer of 3.33% – 4.92%, while the competition provides 6.02% – 7.99%. On the draw no bet option, Premier Bet go high with a margin of 9.28% – 11%, while the competition offers 6.26% – 7.43%. Their odds keys are also shown in decimals.

Premier Bet live betting offer

In the live betting area, Premier Bet, compared to its competitors, provides high odds spreads. On the 3-way option (1 x 2), Premier Bet offers a betting rate of 8.05% – 10.1%, while the competition comes in at 5.05% – 6.60% on UEFA Europa League matches. On the both teams to score option, we found at Premier Bet a high range of 10.14% – 13.3%. Conversely, the competitors put on 6.18% – 7.87%. You must cope without a live-streaming offer.

Other available products

Premier Bet operates a fairly extensive range of products and betting services in Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. Additionally, the sports betting portal features a large selection of casino games and virtual bets together with sports betting. Here, Premier Bet offers, for example, poker, roulette, blackjack, and lotto. Moreover, the sports betting portal covers many unique markets, which gives it an edge in the African betting industry. You can spot them in Ghana and Nigeria, with South Africa remaining the only exception.

Premier Bet appearance

The user interface of the gambling site looks beautiful and uses a green colour scheme on a white background. Additionally, it has distinct contours that contribute to its clarity. Thanks to the clear design, players won’t have any problems to understand the functions. Moreover, the sports betting sections are divided into subsections to help you find what you’re looking for. Despite the many appealing features, the platform’s controls stand out.

The bookmaker arranged the various command functions clearly, and we could easily use them. To see the odds (which appear in a small font), you must first select a league or tournament. Overall, the platform offers a flawless experience for its users. Premier Bet’s website not only does excel in modernity and user-friendliness, but it also looks visually appealing. They opted for a colourful background, with a carefully designed combination of white, black, yellow, and green. The header appears in green, and the footer in black.

The background of the betting slip is white, while links appear in different colours such as yellow, purple and white, leading you directly to the page you want to access.

More details about the usability at Premier Bet

Compared to other competitors, the website is typically responsive. Here, it takes about 2.8 – 3.5 seconds for the website to load over a stable mobile network, and about 2.3 – 2.9 seconds over a high-speed Wi-Fi network. However, it takes a few seconds longer to load the live gaming section on the homepage. Premier Bet’s navigation structure has a design that makes it self-explanatory, with helpful hints and information about the site at the bottom of the homepage.

Here you’ll find sections such as About Us, Find Us, Responsible Gaming and many more. You can view the detailed content of each section by clicking on the link of the corresponding heading. In the footer of the page, you will also find information and links to resources that can help you with legal and practical issues. We could use them easily, and problems rarely happen among the customers.

Premier Bet’s offers, bonuses, promotions and new markets are strategically placed. We spotted rarely any pop-up ads, which makes the site less cluttered and appealing. Furthermore, you can always contact the customer service staff for help with any problems or questions you may have. Besides, the company has a dedicated app for Android and iOS smartphones that you can access through the sportsbook. Additionally, there is a website for the PC version, which applies to the website versions in Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana.

Special features

At Premier Bet, you can bet on a variety of markets. Furthermore, they offer a high degree of flexibility when choosing your games. The option to increase the odds on Ghana and Nigeria forms one of the unique features of Premier Bet. Additionally, they have a flier market where you can win more money. Compared to strong competitors like 1xBet and Betway, you can safely say that Premier Bet still has some catching up to do.

However, Premier Bet provides its customers with the opportunity to participate in and bet on simulated sporting events. The section below is for those who prefer not to bet on real sporting events. The popularity of virtual sports increases. Premier Bet’s virtual football allows users to create teams and compete in simulated matches.

The payment options of Premier Bet South Africa

As expected from a company that primarily caters to the gambling demand of one of the world’s largest continents, Africa, players at the Premier Bet sportsbook can choose from a variety of payment options. However, compared to more established competitors, the means remain somewhat limited. Since the bookie serves customers in many countries, especially in Africa, Premier Bet accepts a variety of deposit options depending on where you are in Africa. However, in this article we will focus on Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.

Premier Bet deposits and withdrawals in South Africa

Although the options for Ghanaian bettors seem limited, Premier Bet makes it easy for them to fund their account with several convenient deposit methods. You can fund your account in many ways, including using vouchers, mobile providers such as Airtel, MTN and Vodafone, or a Visa credit card. You first register at Premier Bet. Then, enter your login details and click the ‘Deposit’ button to select your deposit method. Confirm your deposit by entering the deposit amount and your personal details in the appropriate fields. You must remember that you can’t make mistakes in these situations.

For all funding options, you must deposit at least 1 GH₵. MTN, Airtel and Vodafone have a limit of 3,000 GH₵, the vouchers of 250 GH₵ and VISA of 800 GH₵. However, they don’t have a waiting period before the process completes. For withdrawals with MTN, Airtel, Vodafone and vouchers, the minimum amount lies at 2 GH₵. Besides, they allow a maximum of 100,000 GH₵ or the equivalent value in MTN, Airtel, Vodafone, or a voucher.

Payment fees at Premier Bet

Premier Bet doesn’t charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. This constitutes a big plus. So, any costs incurred on transactions depend on the used bank or money platforms.

The Premier Bet Mobile App in South Africa

This bookie has one of the most eye-catching designs around. A mobile app for Premier Bet Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa exists for Android devices. However, there they don’t provide an iOS app, which causes a bit of concern for iPhone users. Players who want to wager on the go can do so using the Premier Bet mobile web app.

Android users in Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana should remember that Premier Bet’s official app doesn’t appear on the Google Play Store. If you want to install the app, you’ll need to proceed to the web-based platform’s download page and install it from there in apk file format.

Using Premier Bet on your mobile device is just as easy as using it on your computer. Customers have full use of all features, including cash out and accumulator bet building, as well as access to all betting markets. To better serve its consumers, Premier Bet made its website compatible with Opera Mini.

Further details about the Premier Bet mobile apps

As an optimized Opera Mini website uses significantly less mobile internet data than a traditional mobile website. This makes it more valuable for customers who want to save money when buying data plans. Although it’s not much, you can adjust the settings and look of the Premier Bet mobile app to suit your preferences and needs. The website doesn’t offer much room for personalization.

Thus, you should prefer a mobile app, even though there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the website and the native / download-based version. Here, the only one lies in the speed at which they work. Plus, the mobile app features the same functions as the website. Among the many advantages of the app, we saw that it can display high-resolution images and the optimization.

Nowadays, betting websites have become more interested in taking advantage of the increasing smartphone optimization. So, this has led to the invention of more personalized application software that offers more for less money. Although Premier Bet has provided its Android users with a reasonably capable app, they still must do something for the iOS versions. However, although we could use the Premier Bet website, the app download is a much better option.

iOS, Android and Windows apps

Premier Bet has a dedicated downloadable app for Android devices. However, this doesn’t apply to the iOS variants, and something still needs to be done here. To install the app in Nigeria, Android users need to visit the Premier Bet Nigeria webpage and download the app.

Users South Africa needed to head to the Premier Bet South Africa website https://www.Premier and download. But after the fusion with Betraha, we must wait for the end of the maintenance work at Conversely, the users in Ghana only need to head to the Ghanaian website version of Premier Bet https://www.Premier If you come from South Africa, Ghana, or Nigeria and wish to get the most out of Premier Bet, you must download the Android app, sign up for an account and then log in from your device as mentioned above.

Responsive website

You may need to access a sportsbook’s online platform occasionally quickly. Either you try to get in a last-minute pre-match wager on a big game before it starts, or you try to fit a few stakes into your limited leisure time while otherwise engaged in several other activities. You need to can to engage in the pursuits freely above on the betting site you choose.

Fortunately, Premier Bet’s website works just as fast as its biggest competitors. It’s pretty fast and doesn’t take you an unnecessary amount of time. Plus, you can navigate the site relatively easily because they placed the most important links strategically. Moreover, for new customers, it won’t take long to find your way around. Because everything on the website is simplified and optimized. Thus, anyone can understand it on their own.

Premier Bet South Africa online registration

Premier Bet has a straightforward registration process. You can complete it through only a few steps. Below we describe those in the individual countries.

You can register with Premier Bet South Africa using the short or full registration form. For the short one, you need to provide your registered Nigerian phone number, select a strong password and input a verification code which you will receive in seconds. However, if you would like to join through the complete registration form, you will need to provide your full name and email address, select a strong password and then click “Register”. After clicking the register button, the bookie will direct you to the next page to complete your registration.

Required Fields:

  • You need to enter your correct phone number, and email address in the required field (Ghana, South Africa, or Nigeria)
  • You need to fill the password field by picking a password you can remember easily, which must be exclusive to you. The password must also be challenging to guess or bypass for fraudsters and cyber criminals.
  • You also need to provide some documents like a government-issued identity card during the verification process.

Necessary documents:

Sportsbooks, like any other business, can fall prey to various unethical practices. Among these are scams, money laundering, and other similar activities. Premier Bet accepts new members only if they provide accurate information and the necessary documents.

You may also need to provide additional documents if you need to complete a particular action within your Premier Bet personal account, like withdrawal of funds, payment method switching, or if any suspicious activity happens in such an account. Documents which may be needed could be a driving licence, notarized ID card, birth certificate or any other government-issued personal information document: a recent utility bill or passport photographs.

Customer support

Premier Bet’s support staff is quick to respond and totally reliable. This is one of the most crucial considerations when deciding which bookie to choose, since problems of many kinds might arise throughout the betting process. Although this is expected with any business, the professionals at Premier Bet are available to help you resolve any issues you may have as quickly as possible.

Premier Bet Conclusion

Premier Bet is a wide-ranged sportsbook and in this context caters for the needs of both new bettors and veterans. Besides, minimal needs to be said about the incredible betting market variety it offers. But Premier Bet alternatives often provide better odds and margins. The same applies to the bonuses and promotions.

The bookie performs surely performs better in terms of payments means, customers service and usability. Here, if developed a native / download-based app for Android devices, too. Its presence in about 17 countries in Africa is a testament to its reputation of being a safe sportsbook for bettors.

Premier Bet FAQ

Who Owns Premier Bet

One of the most well-known gaming brands in Africa is Premier Bet. Its desktop and mobile sites are loaded with exciting features. Premier Bet is run by Editec, a United Kingdom-based company. The company’s purported owner is named David Anthony Goodchild, and its chief executive officer is named Martin Nieri.

Is Premier Bet Safe?

Yes, Premier Bet is safe as it is licensed by the relevant governmental agencies in every state it operates, including Nigeria. Premier Bet also safeguards customer information with top-notch security features to protect them against cybercriminals who may attempt to steal information.

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